Lightweight. Electric. Exciting.

In 2009, two ambitious personalities, Dr V. Wagner and M. Lustenberger, began to make their vision of an electric car a reality. For this, they wanted to revive the old Swiss `Tribelhorn´ brand from Tribelhorn & Cie. AG, a leading company in the manufacture of electric vehicles at the beginning of the 20th century.

Following concept development with the entire project team, POSCHWATTA began the design process. This included the draft phase, customer workshops, the creation of clay models in a ratio of 1:4, the model scan and the subsequent data feedback as well as the preparation of the final data model. At this stage in development, the proportional model was machined to scale and painted at Valmet in Finland, where the technical development was also expected to take place. However, due to strategic rescheduling and a lack of investors, the project did not make it beyond the model stage. The results gained from the `Tribelhorn´ project were obtained by F. de Leeuw in 2014 and the project was continued under the name LEA.