Poschwatta Automotive – synonymous with vehicle design!

This is where making things mobile comes first, particularly when it comes to motor vehicle and motorbike development. However, Poschwatta Automotive can handle virtually any kind of mechanized transport, whether on land, water or in the air and from serial products to future studies. For each assignment, our design specialists prioritize the product and its purpose above all to ensure the overall plan remains coherent with a corresponding design, allowing values to be conveyed, emotions expressed and ticking all the boxes for a quality end product. And that’s precisely what Poschwatta Automotive develops for, and in partnership with, its customers.

Poschwatta Automotive offers professional design development underpinned by long-standing professional experience in the automotive industry and the free market economy. We are driven by a passion for transport and the need to leverage our longing to create things new.


Even at an early stage, while taking an industrial design course at Muthesius University in Kiel, Nils Poschwatta also worked as a freelance designer for the Müller/Romca design office in Kiel and gave courses in technical drawing at various other universities. He completed internships at Volkswagen and Alfa Romeo and after his degree qualification, entered the employ of Volkswagen Design in Wolfsburg for 8 years up to early 2009 – a total of 8 years, during which time, his work scope included creating the interiors of a number of concept and serial cars, like “IROC”, “Scirocco” and “the Beetle”. Since 2009, he has been the managing director of Modus GmbH and a leading figure behind the Poschwatta Automotive subsidiary, which was named after him.

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