The Poschwatta Automotive portfolio accommodates a comprehensive range of design development needs.

From research and developing concepts and the drafting and design processes right up to the creation of clay and data models and outright construction, culminating in designing and building prototypes and concept vehicles. The last of these disciplines is mainly performed through collaboration with partners.

Poschwatta Automotive sees the design process as a collective set of individual development steps, which, when combined, elicit a logical and positive end product. Accordingly, exploiting the talents of Poschwatta Automotive from as early a stage as possible in your vehicle projects is an optimal strategy. Alternatively, there is also scope to take up all areas separately subject to discussion.

Taking projects forward often requires purely conceptual work as well as advance development and presenting the results obtained in an appealing manner. This is why the Poschwatta Automotive scope also accommodates visualisation as well as conceptual development.

We can also be commissioned on a purely advisory basis, if, for example, you need guidance for new product orientations.

Steps of design development using the example Trabant nT

Which companies benefit most from commissioning the services of Poschwatta Automotive?

  • Basically, all companies who are keen to leave vehicle design in expert hands or wish to pursue mobility-oriented design. The project in this case could involve a new vehicle, a redesign or a revision.
  • Companies with fresh ideas for concepts of mobility, movement or vehicles.
  • All companies without their own dedicated design department but still require professional product design, for example, when needing to develop, present and market a new product.
  • Vehicle design studios of OEMs or subcontractors, requiring additional capacities or external input.