Mobility for the future.

As a key automobile industry supplier, Schaeffler is faced with the challenges of an ever-changing world of mobility: new vehicle concepts, from the Robo-Taxi to driverless delivery vehicles, and changes to how people move about in urban areas.

Schaeffler developed an E-drive as a wheel hub motor that was integrated with drive components into a compact unit, the “Schaeffler Intelligent Corner Module”. Poschwatta developed a package concept around this technical module for a vehicle platform that provides scope for smaller, 4-seater, Smart-car sized vehicles, but can still be scaled to different vehicle sizes. Because the platform is characterized by extreme maneuverability and 90-degree steering, Poschwatta was also able to showcase the “SICM” through the exterior design. Dome-shaped caps proved to be a breakthrough, designed for style, but also to protect the steering heads. Otherwise, the design is less oriented towards the automotive aspect and more towards the product itself, as it is more of a platform concept than a classic vehicle.

The urban vehicle concept made its debut at the 11th Schaeffler Symposium on April 12, 2018 in Baden-Baden.

In 2021 we further developed this study to the Rolling Chassis 2021.